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How do I get an Operations Manual?

How do I arrange for a speaker?

Please contact the group closest to you geographically.  If you want our Executive Director, please email

What exposure can I get for my business by donating?

Any donation between June of one year and May of the following year is considered a donation to the current school year.  Donations of $250 or more are acknowledged on our website.  Donations of $1000 or more are acknowledged with your logo on our letterhead for a year in addition to acknowledgment on our website.

How do I start an End 68 Hours of Hunger Program?

When End 68 Hours of Hunger started in May 2011, it was to feed children in Dover New Hampshire. Since then it has expanded dramatically!

While there are numerous training resources available to help you get started, these instructions are designed to help someone start a program outside the geographical area where personal training can take place. They’ll help you get off to a great start! Even so, Claire Bloom, Founder and Executive Director, is available to help by phone and through email.

We have embedded our videos for your convenience. If you are searching on YouTube for videos, please make sure that they say “by Claire Bloom.”

For a good overview on the program there is a video including interviews with volunteers, sponsors, school personnel, etc.

1.  Your first step is to view the instructions in the video How to Start a Program.

2.  If you have decided that starting a program in your area is what you want to do, then you should request a copy of our Operations Manual, read it, and make sure that you are prepared to follow all of the instructions in that manual.  You can request this directly from the Executive Director at

3.  Once you have agreed that you are prepared, you need to look for donated space to use to store your food and pack your bags.

4.  The next step is to get authorization from the school system to deliver bags of food to the schools. Typically you would make an appointment to meet with the District Superintendent or similar person, or the principal of the school you want to deliver to, to talk about the program and explain what you plan to do.

5.  Once you have authorization to proceed, it is time to set up your bank account.  This will take some time as the paperwork all has to be mailed back and forth.  Locate the nearest Bank of America to your organization, since all programs have their accounts at Bank of America.  If there is not one near you, then you will have to make all of your deposits by mail.  See if the nearest branch has postage paid envelopes for your deposits.  Notify the Executive Director by mail of the people who will be on the account, the mailing address you plan to use, and who will have debit cards.  The Executive Director will set up the account, mail the paper work to you for your signatures, and when you have mailed it back, the Executive Director will set up the account.  Debit cards will be mailed to you.

6.  Now it is time to set up your spaces.  The Executive Director will order you bins and shelving which will be sent either directly to your home or to the nearest Walmart.  The video “How to Set Up your Space will help you set up your facility.

7.  Now you have to decide what food you are going to deliver to the children.  The video “E68 What goes in the backpack” gives you an idea of what food is included.

8.  As you start the process of trying to raise money and solicit donations to support the program, your best options are to speak with civic groups (the Lions, Rotarians, Kiwanis, etc.) and speak with the pastors of local churches about collecting food.  Roughly 25% of all the food we give out comes from food donations.

As you prepare to speak with groups you might want to review what would be appropriate to say and how to answer some of the questions you may be asked.  There are several videos on the YouTube site which are of presentations we have made.  One is a full 45 minute presentation, one is a brief 30 second presentation, and one is a two minute presentation.  You should review these to feel comfortable with the material before going out to speak with anyone.

Here are the links to these videos.

45-minute presentation

30-second presentation

2-minute presentation

9.  Now it is time to fill your unit with food, and recruit your teams to pack the bags.  You can also recruit other teams to refill the bins, rotate stock, take inventory, do fundraising, do the accounting etc.  You may have as many teams as you like!

10.  Go out and speak with groups, raise money, buy food, fill bags, deliver them to the schools, and feed children!

General Questions about the program may be sent to:

PO Box 676
Somersworth, NH 03878


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